Let the machine do the calculation!

Length compensation, compound miter cuts and compensation of saw blade thickness –
the RadioCompens System takes care of it.
If you think that compound miter cuts should be made as easily, quickly and accurately as normal 90° straight cut, we agree with you! The MARTIN RadioCompens System takes care of that.
You simply set the radio controlled miter cross-cut table to the desired cutting angle and the machine takes care of the rest. You always get correctly calculated measurements on both displays of the digital length stops. At the same time the kerf width of the saw blade in use is also compensated.
Regardless of whether you use a 2.8 or a 5.4 mm kerf saw blade, the cut is absolutely accurate all the time.
If you need to calculate the measurement from the top of your workpiece instead of the bottom, simply touch a button on the controller and the compensated measurements will be displayed.
An additional feature is the so called 4th parameter. This way you can also indicate the length of the workpiece on the opposite side of the fence. You simply enter the desired width of the workpiece and the dimension is calculated for you.