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This is no April Fool’s Day joke – we are going to offer you a premium planer especially for plastic processing.

This April we offer a T45 in a special configuration.
In our monthly promotion, we offer a machine that could just be made for you. Take the opportunity because this special deal is only valid in April. Our special MARTIN offer combines solid machine technology with an extremely attractive price.
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Thicknessing planer

In plastic processing planers are also the most widely used machines. With the T45 thickness planer, specially adapted to the demands of plastic processing, you can achieve impressively precise planing results, in particular when machining thin and thinnest material.
Precise planing up to a residual thickness of 1.5 mm
Precise machining of surfaces is, however, is the central task of a T45 thickness planer. In addition to the requirement to plane the material to a defined thickness, the visual quality of the surface is often also a priority.
The T45 is the perfect machine for this task. Even material down to 1.5mm residual thickness can be machined with absolute process reliability thanks to our vacuum technology.
Recycling and cutting
Thanks to its impressive capabilities and possibilities, the T45 is also perfect for recyling tasks. Increasingly our machine is used for separating thin and thinnest co-extruded or fabric-laminated materials again. The T45 performs these tasks to perfection. Thanks to our technology, you can uncover the treasures that lie dormant in your waste.

Type: Thicknessing planer T45

Number: 57108600

Year of construction: 2020

Delivery: within 2 weeks from date of order / or by arrangement

Subject to prior sale


Motor power 7,5 kW

Infinitely variable feed speed 2-12 m/min

Second rubber outfeed roller

Thickness table extension 450 mm at the infeed, foldable

Thickness table extension 1.200 mm at the outfeed

Central lubrication pump

Antistatic equipment

Vacuum table

Special rotational speed of the cutter head 6.000 U/min

Special TERSA cutter head for plastic processing

Minimum planing height 1.5 mm

0.05 mm positioning accuracy of the thicknessing table

Optional: vacuum fan



The standard, clear and easy to follow control system of the T45, speeds up the operation of the machine, thus saving time and minimising operating errors. The target dimensions are indicated in even numbers, only if a decimal place is required does it have to be entered. This also saves time and minimizes operating errors. The control unit has a memory space for 99 planing dimension, any desired step dimension can be stored under programme “0“. The planing dimension makes working easier; the step dimension facilitates the removal of larger thicknesses. It is not necessary to enter a new dimension each time.

Special TERSA cutter head for plastic processing

The TERSA solid steel cutter head is specially designed for plastic processing. The knives are positioned more steeply in the shaft and work less aggressively. This prevents tearing, especially when thin, flexible materials are machined. The blades can be changed in less than a minute per blade, this way you can react quickly and to different material requirements. Additionally the standard Z4 cutter head can be operated as a Z2 cutter block by using two dummy blades.

Infinitely variable feed speed

A perfectly adjusted feed rate is soften decisive for a perfect result especially when machining plastics. With a control range of 2 – 12 m/min of the variable feed speed the machine is perfectly equipped.

Thicknessing table extension on the infeed and outfeed

Especially when feeding the machine with flexible plastic parts, the front support table makes your work much easier. Also short workpieces can be fed perfectly, because several workpieces can be placed next to each other.
The large table extension at the outfeed provides good support and the workpieces can be removed safely. Especially when working with shorter workpieces, there is no need for a second worker if the outfeed table extension is installed.

Vacuum table

The vacuum table is a prerequisite for impact-free planing of thin and thinnest plastics. The vacuum working in the area of the cutter block prevents the peeling away of the workpieces. Ideally, the vacuum table is combined with the optional vacuum fan.

Vacuum technology

Thanks to the vacuum technology, you can process plastics of up to 2.8 mm, with the 1.5 mm option even down to residual thickness of 1.5 mm, with absolute process reliability. In addition to the special vacuum table, the vacuum fan is also an indispensable accessory for all those who want to process thinner and thinnest materials perfectly.

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Machine of the month April
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