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MARTIN T54 – A surface planer which is a perfect fit for your workshop.

This January we offer a T54 in a special configuration.
In our monthly promotion, we offer a machine that could just be made for you. Take the opportunity because this special deal is only valid in January. Our special MARTIN offer combines solid machine technology with an extremely attractive price.
And what’s more – we guarantee delivery within two weeks.
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Surface planer

The pristineness of a calm mountain lake served as our inspiration. This is how smooth, clean and velvety the wood surface is supposed to be after you have processed it with a MARTIN surface planer.
The T54 surface planer was mainly developed to accomplish two tasks – (a) to dress workpieces perfectly and (b) to provide these workpieces with angular edges quickly and safely. This is because you only arrive at the perfect end result with perfect preparation. The easy-running guided surfacing fence with integrated auxiliary fence enables quick and precise working. The ball-bearing guided jointing fence runs smoothly and without tilting on tempered raceways – as precisely for many years to come as it does on the very first day. Chamfers can also be planed in a flash, because any angle between 90° and 45° can be set quickly with the user-friendly one hand operation.

Type: Surface planer T54

Number: 57496402

Year of construction: 2020

Delivery: within 2 weeks from date of order / or by arrangement

Subject to prior sale


“Suvamatic” guard

Xplane solid steel cutter block with 3 spirally arranged rows of blades

Xplane maintenance set consisting of 1 torque screwdriver, 10 carbide blades, 10 spare screws as well as 1 TORX20 bit


Xplane solid steel cutter block

The new 3-row Xplane cutter block from MARTIN impresses even when idling with remarkably smooth running. This impression is reinforced as soon as the block is engaged, as the block operates extremely quietly. Even the biggest depths of cut require a surprisingly low motor rating – another advantage. However, the surface quality which can be achieved with the Xplane, even on difficult woods, is really breathtaking.
  • Optimum health and safety by reducing the perceived noise exposure by 50%
  • The highest surface quality thanks to the further improved 3-row design
  • Minimised tear-outs due to shear cuts and the MARTIN XS cut of the blades
  • Low chip volumes and excellent chip flow thanks to an optimised layout
  • Reduced manual forces and high-grade surfaces thanks to MARTIN XS cut of the blades
  • Cost saving thanks to up to 20 times longer service life of the carbide blades as well as four cutting edges per blade
  • Cutter block speed 6,000 rpm, therefore optimum cutting speed


The “SUVAMATIC” guard protects the entire planing area with a single cutter block guard. The folding infeed beak is very practical. This generates a slight contact pressure of the cutter block guard against the joining stop, depending on the setting. This promotes the joining quality considerably.

Auxiliary fence

The standard auxiliary fence is already integrated in the surfacing fence, in order to guide small, narrow workpieces safely over the machine table. This is an important contribution to improving health and safety.


The operation of the T54 is as simple as it is effective. Irrespective of whether you set the depth of cut or switch the machine on or off, everything is in one place and easily accessible. You also reach the hollow / pointed joint adjustment from here, the scale shows you the setting.

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Machine of the month January
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