As if you were running your hand over soft sand: Quality Finishing by MARTIN
When the frame section comes out of the machine and you run your hand over its surface for the first time and notice that it feels as smooth and silky as a fine sandy beach, you will certainly not want to be without the Q-Fin ever again. It is a perfect example of how we at MARTIN reflect on the symbiosis of tradition and innovation.
Bedienung per Touchscreen
Quality Finishing Aggregate
Zum Patent angemeldete Rollenkanalführung

Experience the Q-Fin!

Workpiece guidance

The roller channel guide has been registered for patent and ensures that workpieces which are liable to tip over pass through the machine reliably, safely and at the correct angle, so that the two Quality Finishing units can do their job perfectly. The roller channel opens or closes depending on the pre-selected workpiece dimensions. The maximum working dimensions are 250 x 250 mm and the minimum 10 x 10 mm.

Glass stop unit

The first unit of the Q-FIN is the glass stop unit on the right-hand side, which is used to process the region between the wood and glass, especially in the manufacturing of wood/aluminium windows. You also obtain the Quality Finishing effect in this area with this unit. The speed, working angle and the position with respect to the machining plane of the unit can be regulated.


The Q-FIN is equipped with a modern touchscreen control unit. The touch-sensitive screen enables you to operate the machine quickly, easily and systematically. Easy-to-follow menus help to reduce setup times and guarantee first-class results. A powerful database allows you to input and save up to 100 programs, which you can organise completely freely to create 48 program sets with 24 programs each. You are therefore optimally equipped, even for a very extensive product range.

Quality Finishing unit

Quality Finishing is the geometrically defined cross-grain machining of wood fibres. Fine cross-grain machining enables the longitudinal wood fibres to be cut at the top and bottom of the workpiece with a precision which cannot be achieved with conventional sanding techniques. As a result, the fibres no longer swell when water-based wood preservatives and varnishes are applied, and the surfaces remain absolutely smooth. You do not normally require any further intermediate varnish sanding. This not only dispenses with the sanding process but also the associated handling.

Top and bottom brush units

The brush units downstream of the Quality Finishing units provide cleaning, especially of the transitions to the lateral surfaces of the workpieces. The speed, working angle and the position with respect to the machining plane of both the top and bottom brush unit can be regulated.

Lateral brush units

The brush units on the left and right process the lateral surfaces of the workpieces. Quality Finishing is not possible here owing to the rebate. These two units are mainly used to clean the rebate zones and the transitions. The speed, working angle and the position with respect to the machining plane of the lateral brush units can be regulated.

Configure your individual Q-FIN
Intermediate sanding is not one of the most popular tasks in the manufacture of wooden windows. Since it is performed manually, process safety and reproducibility are nothing of the sort. Amongst other things, this manifests itself in layers being sanded through or even protruding fibres and rough surfaces. In addition to this, the work step requires a great deal of time and therefore generates high costs. We saw a need for action here. The prevention of intermediate varnish sanding and the associated handling requirement was of prime importance during our development. The result is very impressive. The Q-FIN reduces the manufacturing costs of wooden and wood/aluminium windows by up to 25%. The machine is equipped with 2 Quality Finishing units and 4 brush units. The arrangement of the units in the feed direction is as follows:
    Schleif-Bürsten rechts (SB1)
  • Schleif-Bürsten links (SB2)
  • Quality Finishing oben (QF1)
  • Schleif-Bürsten oben (SB3)
  • Quality Finishing unten (QF2)
  • Bürsten unten (SB4)
Quality Finishing Maschine Q-FIN
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