A really cool machine: The street art T75 PreX.
We are going to present our premium machine in a really cool makeover. A graffiti artist from Artmos4 agency turned our sliding table saw into a work of art in only one day. The focus was on the model designation T75, which the artist realised in a very creative interplay of form and color. Several layers of matt clear varnish were applied to seal the graffiti.

Larger the contrast could hardly be, yet are both from the same stable. The agricultural tractor F22, built in 1938, matches perfectly the colour of one of the most modern sliding table saws in the world, a T75, built in 2017.

On special request of our British dealer MWM we painted this sliding table saw in old fashioned grey of the old MARTIN tractors. Gavin Cooper, the owner of the company, recently visited our factory in Ottobeuren, Germany, and also took a look at the lovingly arranged MARTIN Museum. Spontaneously, he decided that one of his next stock machines should be painted in the same colour as the historic tractors displayed there. The quite appealing result can be seen here.
By the way, all our woodworking machines are available in a special finish – in almost every available colour. Contact us.
The special thing about this machine is its colour. Or rather the fact that it actually has none. We wanted the material itself to come to the fore. Thus all steel parts were carefully polished, brushed and then finished with several coats of clear varnish. Anthracite varnish was used for the secondary components, while the technical show-piece – the saw unit – was finished in signal orange.
This resulted in an aesthetically attractive machine, which impressively shows off its technical advantages.

This machine was designed for the British market and is used to process so-called structural insulated panels (SIP panels). SIPs are panels used in structural engineering; they are 144 to over 200 mm thick and consists of two OSB top layers and an EPS insulation foam core.
Apart from the required cutting height, the size of the panels (4.8 x 1.2 m) also poses a challenge when it comes to angle cutting.