What Frapont say about us:

Last year, we took advantage of the break that the pandemic gave us to reorganize our factory. We redesigned the spaces and invested in new generation machinery. We opted for the T75 PreX sliding table saw from Otto Martin Maschinenbau and we couldn’t be happier with our choice because it generated a revolution in our production. Mainly because of the change from a manual to an automatic and assisted sliding table saw. Our new sliding table saw is numerically controlled, which catapulted us towards an even more controlled and precise production. Along with this technology, we were motivated to innovate the digitalization process by incorporating 3D design and automated software that achieved both a qualitative and quantitative increase.
Every woodworking shop should have a spindle moulder. We opted for the Spindle moulder T27 from Otto Martin Maschinenbau, recently incorporated and which has already given us more than satisfactory results. We decided to invest in the latest generation machinery precisely to have greater control in our production. Along with these technological additions, we were also forced to modify our planning and task management structure. 3D manufacturing software such as BIM are becoming more and more frequent and required by our customers, which saves us time and money when it comes to making modifications and cutting parts for production.

Frapont Wood Works

Barcelona, Spain