As durable and effective as nature itself: Sliding table saws by MARTIN

If you want to work with wood, you must learn to love it. You need to love its versatility and warmth and be captivated by the varied applications of this original material. We have designed specific sliding table machines for people like you; not only do these facilitate your work as much as possible – they also yield perfect results.

We model ourselves on the perfection of nature: MARTIN surfacers and planers.

The pristineness of a calm mountain lake served as our inspiration. This is the smooth, pure and velvety wood surface you wish to create. Whichever MARTIN planer you should decide to buy, we can guarantee you a perfect result. Like our natural model.

If nature has not provided you with perfection,
you can still achieve it with a MARTIN spindle moulder.

As diverse as the forms of a mountain massif – your possibilities for new forms. In order to achieve both simple and complex profile settings quickly and effectively, it is best to use your artisanal know-how and a MARTIN spindle moulder. No matter for which one of the spindle moulders you go, we guarantee: the result will be perfect.

Premium Class
Premium - Compact Class

Quality-Finishing: an almost supernatural experience for window makers.

When the frame section comes out of the machine and you run your hand over its surface for the first time and notice that it feels as smooth and silky as fine sand, you will certainly not want to be without the Q-Fin ever again. It is a perfect example of how we at MARTIN reflect on the symbiosis of tradition and innovation.

Quality Finishing