Shaper of the current generation

Coming from the same mould - the 2019 generation of spindle moulders.

We are working at high speed to present you the new MARTIN T14 and T29 spindle moulders with the innovative ConnectControl control concept by the end of 2024. Until then, you can rely on the excellent performance of the current T12 and T27 table spindle moulders.


Hardly any machine can be used as versatile as a modern table router.

In order to achieve both simple and complex profile settings quickly and effectively, it is best to use your artisanal know-how and a MARTIN spindle moulder. No matter for which one of the spindle moulders you go, we guarantee: the result will be perfect.

Turning rough
raw materials into
fine profiles!

Milling with MARTIN.

MARTIN has been manufacturing machines in Germany for over 100 years. We only work with high-quality materials and components. All of the crucial components of our machines are produced at our in-house state-of-the-art production facilities in Ottobeuren (Germany) by well-trained, motivated employees. No MARTIN spindle moulder leaves our plant before it has undergone the strictest quality controls. In addition, thanks to our well-respected and efficient brand suppliers, we guarantee high flexibility during production, perfect adaptability to current requirements and first-class quality of all purchased components. Read on and find out for yourself!



controlled axes

MARTIN ConnectControl Logo

Short set-up times thanks to

modern control technology


shorter set-up times

(up to 80% faster)

MARTIN ConnectControl Fräsen im Durchlauf

Versatile application possibilities

in a continuous flow

MARTIN ConnectControl Bewegung Fräsanschlagbacken

Fence guided on both
sides ensures maximum precision

MARTIN ConnectControl Verfahren der Tischringe

Table rings that can be
positioned by electric motor

MARTIN ConnectControl Logo

The latest ConnectControl technology.

ConnectControl is the umbrella term for the patented control concept that characterises the latest generation of formatting saws and spindle moulders from MARTIN. With ConnectControl, you get a uniquely designed, highly-powerful control concept that not only opens up completely new horizons to you in terms of machine operation, but also offers you the entire world of modern data exchange.

MARTIN ConnectTouch Logo

The permanently integrated, touch-sensitive console serves as the operating unit and can control all the machine’s functions.

MARTIN ConnectPad Logo

An Apple iPad with a large screen and a WLAN-controlled connection serves as an adaptive control unit. The mobile device makes it possible to control the machine from any location.

Only with the ConnectApp can the full potential of Cloud-supported work processes be realised. In addition to the machine controls, it also opens up a whole range of administrative functions and wizards to support you.

Cloud-supported work provides the data base for controlling the machine and also for many advanced features – which are available anywhere and any time. For effective digital and mobile work.

Which machine is the right one for you?

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