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Masterpieces crafted from one hundred years of experience.
About the brand

Responsible for masterpieces – we have been sharing our pleasure in our work with our customers and standing by them as a competent partner for 100 years.

Precision in a class of its own.

An accurate cut, perfect smoothness, a fine profile and precise grinding – to meet your objectives, we pool all our energy and work constantly on the machines of the future, with technical innovation – and have been doing so for over 100 years. Whether in furniture construction, solid wood processing, window manufacturing or plastics processing, with new ideas, new aesthetics and new technology, we are proud to present you our latest machines from the areas of sawing, planing, milling and grinding – for your masterpieces.
Turn your ideas into reality.

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MARTIN Quality Made-in-Germany

Responsible for masterpieces.

We have been sharing our pleasure in our work with our customers and standing by them as a competent partner for 100 years.

New machine design

New machines, new casing – this is how MARTIN translates its inner values into the outer design. The model structure has a more streamlined shape, and the machine base shines with a bright new lustre. Find out why here:

What customers say about us:

What Halstock says about us:

The accuracy, digital readouts and repeatability in manufacture are some of the reasons why we love using MARTIN machines.
In the luxury residential industry, quality and accuracy in our products are expected from all our clients. The machines that MARTIN produce allow us to produce the finest items of furniture.

Big players in the USA rely on MARTIN

Almost 80 MARTIN woodworking machines do a perfect job

As one of the largest manufacturers of solid wooden doors in the USA, we need jointing and planing machines, which guarantee the highest precision and the cleanest planing results – and all of this in various types of wood. We have been making a perfect job of this, not only in terms of quality and reliability, with almost 80 MARTIN machines for years.


Edward J Rossi

Executive Director


Tradition and innovation

State-of-the-art machine equipment

In our manufacturing process, the terms “tradition” and “innovation” are closely inter-connected, therefore we place great emphasis on ultra-modern machine equipment. In search of the ideal solution for our high equipment for our high requirements, we have come to know and regard MARTIN as a competent supplier for perfectly aligned machines.


Herbert Haider

Master carpenter


Organ building is precision engineering in wood

Woodworking machines meets our high standards of precision

Organ building is precision mechanics in wood – with cuts being made in tenth of a millimeter, which is not mastered by all sliding table saws. In MARTIN we have a supplier who takes our requests seriously, and whose machines fulfil our high requirements for precision on a long-term basis.


Werner Baumgartner

Master carpenter

Well driven


We expect from our machines what our customers expect from us: Peak performance in the highest quality – quick, flexible and reliable. In a market, in which alteration is the only constant, I am always happy with my MARTIN machines.


Johannes Jürgens

Master carpenter

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