Lowerable rip fence

MARTIN absenkbarer_Parallelanschlag

The unique design of this rip fence allows the rip fence to be lowered below table level quickly and easily, so that even long workpieces can be cut comfortably. With a simple push of a button, you can move the rip fence to its end position, unlock it and press it below table level. If you value maximum efficiency, you can even lower the rip fence from the operating position via remote control.


Despite the motorised drive of the fence, it can also be simply and easily moved by hand. You press a button on the fence and move it – it couldn’t be easier. This is the only way to set dimensions quickly and roughly by hand, the scale makes it possible.


The fence is intricately and accurately guided by four solid grooved ball bearings. This design ensures
maximum durability and thus angular accuracy with constantly smooth running. The stable fence moves freely over the tablewithout support and remains unaffected by dirt and chips on the table.

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