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Since 1922

Good tools for good work. Made in Germany. By MARTIN.

MARTIN Historische Schlepperproduktion


At MARTIN, we have developed innovative and practical solutions for professional woodworking worldwide every year for almost 95 years now.

Otto Martin was born on 5th March 1902. By establishing his business on 4th February 1922 at the age of 20 years, he laid the foundation stone for the current company. What started in 1922 with a few robust machines set up by the founder Otto Martin continuously developed over the next more than nine decades to become a benchmark for quality and functionality in the industry.

Focusing on the core business set the course for the company’s subsequent major success in producing wood-processing machines. Just two examples to mention here are the world’s first sliding table saw with a swivel saw blade – the legendary T75 – or the only scoring-saw unit on the market with 3 electronically adjustable axes. Over the past 95 years, the company and its employees have experienced many high points, while also successfully coping with many low points. Based on this, we are confident of coping with future challenges successfully and that the name MARTIN will continue to stand for top quality, pioneering machine technology and optimum customer service.

MARTIN Historisch Kombimaschine 1922


February 4, 1922 Combined circular saw, spindle moulder and slot-drilling machine

Otto Martin established the company on 4th February 1922 at the age of 20 years in Benningen near Ottobeuren. The first wood-processing machine produced by the company was a combined circular saw, spindle moulder and slot-drilling machine to be used for woodwork.

MARTIN Historisch Sägemaschine 1924


The concrete/steel machine frame is invented

The production range now includes combined spindle moulders, surface planers, band saws and combined planers. The concrete/steel machine frame is invented and introduced; instead of wooden table tops, the machines now come with cast steel table tops.


First milling machine

The first spindle moulder is produced.

MARTIN Historischer Betrieb 1930



On 2nd November, the company moves to Ottobeuren.

MARTIN Historischer Schlepper 1937


First MARTIN diesel tractors

The first MARTIN diesel tractor is delivered.

MARTIN Historische Werkstatt


New foundry and delivery of the last F22 tractor

The company sets up a foundry on its own premises.
The last F22 tractor is delivered on 24th June. In total, 440 of these tractors were built.


Serial production

Start of serial production of a combined circular saw, milling/drilling machine in a grey cast iron frame.

MARTIN Historische Schlepperproduktion 49


The first combined dressing machine / surface planer is developed

Tractor production is discontinued after 507 deliveries. These tractors are very popular collector’s items today. The first combined dressing machine / surface planer is developed and produced. The first export contacts are made.

MARTIN Historisch Messe Hannover


Hanover fair

The company participates in the “Hanover fair” for the first time.


Integriated thickness indicator and thickness planer

The integriated thickness indicator on the hand wheel of the thickness planer is introduced.

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T50


T50 surface planer on Hanover fair and new oil circulation lubrication

The T50 surface planer receives an award at the “Hanover fair” for “good industrial design”.

Introduction of the wear-resistant oil circulation lubrication for the spindle moulders.


Forced milling mandrel attachment

Permanent cutter arbor attachment becomes the subject of a DIN standard proposal.

MARTIN Historische Formatkreissäge T75


Export nach USA

Start of exports to the USA with the delivery of a T17 circular table saw.

Delivery of the T75, the world’s first  sliding table saw, with a saw blade
that can be tilted at up to 45°, begins.

Invention of the still popular mitre cross-cut table for sliding table saws.

Introduction of the steel forced guide of the sliding table
, according to a principle still in use today.

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T51


Presentation of the new machines

The motors of all machines can be braked without wear by a direct current brake .
Introduction of the T51 surface planer.
Introduction of the exchangeable table lip on the sliding table.


one-hand operation

Introduction of single-hand operation for the edge jointing fence clamp on surface planers.

MARTIN Historisch Otto Martin Senior


Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Otto Martin senior dies on 14th April 1964. The company is converted to a Ltd company,  Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, with the sons of the company’s founder, Otto Martin junior and Max Martin, joining the company.


Thicknesser with rubber feed rollers

The thickness planing machine can be equipped with rubber feed rollers on request. This ensures that the work pieces are transported more reliably and carefully (Gbm.No. DE 1919313).
The incline of the table insert rings of the spindle moulders protects the rings against resin deposits (Gbm.No. DE 1916095).

MARTIN Historisch T23


T23 tilting arbor spindle router

Presentation of the T23 tilting arbor spindle router.
The rip fence of the panel saw can be folded backwards in the end position, while the ruler guide remains stationary on the cast steel table top. A recess in the table top facilitates the removal of work pieces from the table.

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T41


T41 thickness planer

The T41 thickness planer is awarded a prize at the “Hanover fair” for its “good industrial design”.

MARTIN Historisch T27 Fräse


T27 tenon cutter

The T27 tenon cutter is introduced. The hydraulic table adjustment for the infeed table of the planer is introduced.



For the first time, the height and lateral incline of the scoring saw can be adjusted while the machine is running, to the great benefit of the user.

MARTIN Historisch T24


The world’s first spindle moulder with alternating spindle up/down

The world’s first spindle moulder with alternating spindle up/down is introduced, representing great progress in window construction.


400 new trainees

A training workshop is set up separately from the business.
As of 2016, well over 400 boys and girls have received specialised training.

MARTIN Historische Plattensaege T80


T80 panel saw production and company’s 50-year anniversary

Start of Model T80 panel saw production with a portal design. Already at that time, the machine had a number of pioneering details. For example, the saw blade could already be tilted to 45°.
Company’s 50-year anniversary with an open day.


Electric brakes

All machines are converted as standard to wear-free electrical brakes.


Speed or belt change

The rotational speed or belt of the sliding table saws can now generally be changed from the top through an opening in the table. The hydraulic height and tilt adjustment of the saw blade clearly facilitates operation of the sliding table saw.

MARTIN Historische Plattensägemaschine T83


Plattensägen T83

Beginn der Produktion der Plattensägen T83 in Stahl-Beton-Grauguss-Verbund-Konstruktion.

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T52


T52 surface planing machine

The first T52 surface planing machine with a steel/concrete composite design machine frame is presented


Cutter arbor attachment

The cutter arbor attachment with the undetachable arbor nut feature is developed and becomes a standard recommendation for spindle moulders. All machine frames now have a composite design.


Einstellung der Plattensägen-Produktion

Einstellung der Plattensägen-Produktion, insgesamt wurden 177 Maschinen produziert. Die Plattensägen wurden unter anderem nach USA, Australien und Frankreich geliefert.

MARTIN Historische Formatkreissäge T78


TERSA cutterblocks and T78 sliding table saw

Installation of the first TERSA cutterblocks. Presentation of the T78 sliding table saw.

MARTIN Historische Sägemaschine


Swivel device for the fence

A swivel device for the fence of the spindle moulders is presented to facilitate work on the ring fence.
MARTIN becomes the licence holder for TERSA in Germany, making a significant contribution to the popularity of this cutter system

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T53


T53 surface planer

Introduction of the T53 surface planer. 

MARTIN Historischer Fräsanschlag 1989


Federal Award for Outstanding Innovational Performance in the Craft Sector

At the 41st “International Craft Fair” in Munich, the company receives the “Federal Award for Outstanding Innovational Performance in the Craft Sector” for TERSA items.
The spindle moulder can be optionally equipped with a fence with digital displays (Pat.No. 3903906).

MARTIN Historische Formatkreissäge T72A


Cutting angle display

The cutting angle display on the sliding table saw can now be electronic, with a resolution of 0.01 degrees.
A hand wheel to adjust the width of the rip fence considerably facilitates adjustment of this important fence.

MARTIN Historische Maschine T90


T90 four-sided planer and T71 sliding table saw

The T90 four-sided planer is presented. This machine is set to revolutionise planing of solid woods. With its 2-axis controls, the machine is extremely easy and quick to operate.

 Presentation of the T71 sliding table saw.


Award for “human workplace design“

The T90 receives the award for “human workplace design” from the EUMACOP dealers’ association.


pneumatically folded from the operating position

The rip fence of the sliding table saws can now also be optionally pneumatically folded from the operating position (Pat No. 4 316587).

MARTIN Historische Dickenhobelmaschine T44


T44 planer and T25 CNC tilting arbor spindle moulder

Presentation of the new T44 planer. All planers, including the four-sided planer, are now equipped as standard with TERSA cutterblocks.


The T25 CNC tilting arbor spindle moulder with 5 controlled axes is presented. The electrically adjustable table insert rings of the spindle moulders impress customers (Pat. 19518613)

MARTIN Historische Hobelmaschine T54


T72 A automatic sliding table saw and T54 surface planer

Presentation of the T72 A automatic sliding table saw with up to 4 controlled axes. The new scoring saw is a worldwide first – with the height, angle and width of the scores adjustable while the machine is running (Pat.No. EP0813939).


Introduction of the T54 surface planer.


On 13/ 03, MARTIN quality management is certified by DQS.

MARTIN Historisch T26


T26 tilting arbor spindle moulder

Presentation of the T26 tilting arbor spindle moulder, which for the first time has a swivel range of the spindle of 2x 45.5°. An innovative infeed support for this spindle moulder was also presented, thus facilitating and speeding up the essential adjustment work (Gbm. AZ 29813272.9). 

On the occasion of the company’s 75th anniversary, a new standard colour, “aqua blue” is introduced to replace the traditional green.

MARTIN Historisch T26 DuoControl


T26 CNC, T20 spindle moulder and T20 DuoControl

The T26 CNC with its high-performance controls opens up hitherto unimaginable options for reducing set-up times.


The T20 spindle moulder is presented; with its T20 DuoControl, this constitutes a world first in electronic spindle moulders.


The branch “MARTIN Wooodworking Machinery” is established in Charlotte, NC / USA.

MARTIN Historische Formatkreissäge T73


T73 sliding table saw

Presentation of the T73 sliding table saw at LIGNA. This is the first time that we have presented a powerful tool detection/conversion for sliding table saws (Gbm. AZ 20108500.3)


The steel guide of the sliding table is still being used with great success after 40 years, as is the composite frame. Both are evidence of first-class mechanical engineering.

MARTIN Historisch T26 DuoControl


80th company anniversary

On 4th February, MARTIN celebrates its 80th anniversary.

 At the Nuremberg Wood Craft Fair, the company presents its new T26 DuoControl, a tilting arbor spindle moulder with 2-axis controls.

MARTIN Historisch T45 Contour


T45 planer and T45 Contour planing and profiling machine

Market introduction of the T45 planer and the T45 Contour planing and profiling machine. The T45 Contour is the first machine to offer planing as well as full-surface profiling.

MARTIN Historischer Profilierautomat T92


T92 profiling machine

Market launch of the T92 profiling machine. The most outstanding of the many technical innovations of the new machine is certainly the beltless direct drive of the tools.


T60 and T74 sliding table saw

Market launch of the T60 sliding table saw. MARTIN makes history with the T60 PreXision. This is the world’s first sliding table saw with a 2x 46° swivel saw blade.


Market launch of the T74 sliding table saw.

All sliding table saws made by MARTIN now come equipped with a modern touchscreen. MARTIN is once again a pioneer.

MARTIN Historisch T27


T27 spindle moulder

Market launch of the T27 spindle moulder. The touchscreen has now also become part of the moulding business.

MARTIN Historisch T12


T12 spindle moulder

Market launch of the T12 spindle moulder at the Nuremberg Wood Craft Fair.


T75 PreX sliding table saw

Market launch of the T75 PreX sliding table saw. Once again Martin has highlighted its leading role: the T75 PreX is a worldwide first with its swivel range of 2x 46°,

combined with a cutting height of more than 200 mm. 

For the first time, Martin is providing planners with spiral cutter blocks. The customers are thrilled with the smooth running of the machine and its surface quality.  


Tilting arbor spindle moulder, combined planer, gang drilling machine and slot drilling machine

Presentation of five new machines incorporated into the range at LIGNA:

sliding table saws of the TC6x0 series,

the TS200 tilting arbor spindle moulder,

the TP300 combined planer,

the TD021 gang drilling machine and the

TM100 slot drilling machine.

MARTIN T70 Formatkreissäge


90 years MARTIN

MARTIN has every reason to celebrate this year: For the past 90 years, its name has stood for first-class wood-processing machines.


The new T60A, T65 and T70 sliding table saws are presented to the public for the first time at the 2012 Wood Craft Fair.


Based on the great success of the spiral cutterblocks imported from the USA, MARTIN presents the Xplane cutterblock developed in-house.

MARTIN Historische Formatkreissäge T60C


T60C sliding table saw

Market launch of the T60C sliding table saw. The new T60C sliding table saw combines economic efficiency, functionality and high performance with the premium features of a MARTIN machine

MARTIN Fensterschleifmaschine Q-FIN



Markteinführung der Q-FIN. Kernnutzen dieser Maschine ist der Entfall des Zwischenschliffs im Holzfensterbau. Laut Aussagen erster Kunden ist diese Maschine eine Revolution im Bereich der Holzfensterproduktion.

MARTIN Historisch T45 XPlane


Xplane spiral cutterblock

The T45 surface planer and the T54 planer are exhibited at the Nuremberg Wood Craft Fair along with the new, triple-row Xplane spiral cutterblock.

MARTIN 95 Jahre Firmenjubiläum


95th company anniversary

On 4th February, MARTIN celebrated its 95th anniversary.

Now we are looking forward to our 100th anniversary.

MARTIN Red Dot Award 2017 Winner Branddesign


Red Dot Award

The agency ZWEIPRO from Düsseldorf received in July the Red Dot Award for the high design quality of the new MARTIN brand appearance.

MARTIN German Innovation Award in Gold 2018


German Innovation Award 2018

We are very pleased about the nomination of our special sanding machine Q-FIN for the German Innovation Award 2018.

The German Innovation Award is an award that selects or distinguishes details, processes and products that convince in terms of their effectiveness and their added value.

MARTIN German Brand Award Special Mention 2018


German Brand Award 2018 Special

We receive the German Brand Award 2018 Special in the category „Brand Identity / Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation“ for the 

Martin brand identity.

MARTIN Firmenjubiläum 100 Jahre Präzision made in Germany



On 4 February 2022, the Otto Martin Maschinenbau company celebrates its one hundredth anniversary. Through groundbreaking inventions and the solid workmanship of its machines, the MARTIN brand has become a quality market leader in many countries around the world. Because what has always made MARTIN stand out from the rest is its attention to detail.

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