Portal DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT awards seal of excellence to MARTIN

Detailseite Exzellenzbetrieb

The title “Excellent medium-sized companies in Germany” makes us very proud. MARTIN is among the 10,000 companies in Germany worthy of this award, according to the information portal “DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT”.


The Seal of Excellence is awarded based on neutral data and serves as an orientation for reliable business partnerships. Small and large companies from all sectors were named by DDW-research as particularly trustworthy and efficient market players. All of them were able to present the required qualification of excellence from a number of parameters.


The “Excellent Company” seal identifies companies which combine the required number of applicable characteristics from a series of significant quality and performance factors – independent of quantitative factors which otherwise determine the ranking. A globally operating group can be considered an “Excellent Company” just as much as a contract manufacturer with only a few employees.


Within the framework of DDW’s company analyses and rankings, the seal “Excellent medium-sized companies in Germany” is a widely visible sign of corporate quality.

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