The heavyweight champions

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In this weight category we present the top models for your interior design projects – the T75 and T65 sliding table saws.
The heavier a machine is, the more precise it works. This has long been a feature of MARTIN sliding table saws. This is why our machines meet even the highest requirements. In this case resistance is not futile. The sturdy construction and the weight of up to two tons result in maximum precision for demanding woodworkers in the field of interior design. Every balancing force is neutralised and thus ensures that your plan works out perfectly. Discover the one whole new level of safety.

MARTIN Historische Maschine T75

The premium sliding table saw made by MARTIN


You not only benefit from the T75 when you purchase it, but throughout its entire service life. This machine convinces through flexibility, precision and extreme value „Made in Germany“.
Zur T75

MARTIN Historische Maschine T75

The powerful premium compact machine made by MARTIN

The T65 is your sturdy companion in everyday production. Precise mechanical engineering combined with powerful operating electronics make every woodworker’s heart beat faster. You benefit from the advantages of a MARTIN sliding table saw from the very first minute.
Zur T65

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