A planer that does not only plane workpieces to thickness.

MARTIN T45 Contour Rundstäbe

In only two passes you can produce round rods from 4 to 50 mm in diameter. And all this with a precision that is more than convincing. With the help of a setting gauge, you insert the matching profile blade, bring the thicknessing table and the guiding gauge into the desired position and machine the workpiece. By simply rotating the workpiece around its transverse axis and machining it again with identical settings, you obtain three or more round rods, depending on the design of the cutters. What sounds so simple actually is so simple. And this is just one of the almost unlimited possibilities this machine has to offer. The possibility to produce profile widths of up to 630 mm in one pass is your benefit from this machine.


Whether it is fillings, terrace decking, plastic sheets or insulation matierial – all this and much more is now easily possible. Thanks to its enormous working width, the machine opens up a multitude of possibilities for every company to distinguish itself from competitors and to impress customers.

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