Driverless transport system

MARTIN Roboter Hochschule Kempten

In cooperation with Hochschule Kempten (University of Applied Sciences Kempten), we are currently testing a driverless transport system in our company.
The robots that are tested are capable of transporting material from the warehouse to the workstations on the assembly lines without precisely defined guided tracks. However, tracks can be predefined in the system, which then serve as main routes.


Thanks to integrated sensors the robots can react intelligently to obstacles on the track. The robots drive through our factory without any problem. Even traffic rules, such as right-hand traffic when encountering forklift trucks, can be taught the little helpers.


Thanks to the cooperation with the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in the “Modular Factory” research project, we get to know and test state-of-the-art logistics technologies which help us keep our company up to date on a long-term basis.


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